Production & Maturing Process

In the Swiss Alps a special product matures in oak barrels: Swiss Mountain Premium balsamic vinegar from Bærg Marti gains in culinary and emotional value over five years. Thanks to the maturing process of the balsamic vinegar as well as the balsamic crystals which are highly sought after by top cooks. The longer the maturity period, the greater the yield.

Emotion you can feel and enjoy

Baerg Marti has been running a production site in the Swiss Alps for premium balsamic vinegar since 2009.

Real balsamic vinegar is a premium, rare natural product which is sought after all over the world. And the balsamic vinegar production of Bærg Marti is unrivalled worldwide.

High-quality raw materials

Instead of using grapes like normal balsamic vinegar, the experts at Baerg Marti use high-quality apples from Eastern Switzerland for their Swiss mountain premium balsamic vinegar. They are old varieties of standard Swiss fruit trees. No chemical additives are used in the production process.

The maturing process is one-hundred percent natural. In addition, the golden-brown essence is stored in 30 litre oak barrels at an altitude of over 3,400 metres in the Berne Alps (at the Jungfraujoch, the «top of Europe») in natural tunnels. Under strict temperature control.

Alpine atmosphere creates a masterpiece

Here the balsamic vinegar becomes more concentrated and thicker in the oak barrel. This improves the flavour. And gives it emotional value.
The high alpine low-oxygen atmosphere is particularly conducive to the creation of so-called balsamic crystals, which are particularly sought-after by top restaurants.

You receive a handcrafted, unique product. It is as individual as the characteristics of the barrel and its wood as they enrich the taste of mountain balsamic vinegar.

Production and filling

Apple varieties from Swiss high-stem trees (small, aromatic apples are preferred), processed in Swiss cider factories (the whole fruit goes into the cider press), from the purest, most natural essences and without chemical additives, bottled in 30 litre Limousin oak barriques.

The natural, undistilled production gives the fermented vinegar essence aromatic properties even before it is stored in wooden barrels, which mature to an unmistakable aroma in oak barrels.

Special vinegar fermentation process

Temperature-compliant evaporation method of the mash requires sure instinct.
For a certain period, the mash is heated to approx. 50 degrees (pasteurisation),

  • in combination with the oxygen of the air to achieve exactly the degree of oxidation that gently thickens the apple substrate without any loss of aroma,
  • the colour is as dark as possible,
  • until sufficient acidity and sugar are in a balanced ratio and cause the fermentation to an unmistakable taste of vinegar.

Too high temperatures lead to a loss of aroma, too little heat makes the vinegar too sweet and gives it too little acidity.
Acidity is needed to achieve the desired aroma during ripening with the help of vinegar bacteria.

Transport of Limousin oak barriques

Transport by mountain railway or helicopter to over 3,000 metres above sea level.

Storage in tunnels in the Alpine region.

Quality controls during storage

Storage takes place in an oxygen-poor environment with reduced air pressure and free of vibrations.

An air conditioning unit ensures a constant temperature and a constant humidity of approx. 70%.

During the 5-year storage period, regular quality controls are carried out.

Storage in French oak barrel

The biogenic substances of apple vinegar cause a viscous extract when stored in oak barrels.

Enzymes and vinegar bacteria as well as extract substances and tanning agents flocculated from the oak wood are exchanged.

The result is an apple balsamcio with a sweet creamy, slightly sour taste and approx. 5% residual acidity.

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