Product image 1Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamico | 5 Years
Product image 2Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamico | 5 Years
Product image 3Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamico | 5 Years

Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamico | 5 Years

Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamico is the hand-filled special edition of the world's highest and unique balsamic vinegar manufacturer.

The production process developed by Baerg Marti is based on the power of the Alps: after a storage and maturing period of at least five years a valuable culinary essence is created from select applies from Eastern Switzerland. 

Every drop is a taste explosion of the senses. A masterpiece of culinary craftsmanship.

Instead of using grapes like normal balsamic vinegar, the experts at Baerg Marti use high-quality apples from Eastern Switzerland for their Swiss mountain premium balsamic vinegar. They are old varieties of standard Swiss fruit trees. No chemical additives are used in the production process.

The maturing process is one-hundred percent natural. In addition, the golden-brown essence is stored in 30-liter French Limousin Oak barrels at an altitude of over 3,400 meters in the Berne Alps (at the Jungfraujoch, the «top of Europe») in natural tunnels. Under strict temperature control.

To the alpine maturing process allows a unique, individual taste to develop. The low-oxygen alpine climate triggers other processes which lead to a larger yield of valuable balsamic crystals – and a product of the highest quality and finest taste.

Bottlings: The manual bottlings from 2017 and 2018 are sold out. Currently, only bottlings from 2019 are available. The offer is limited.

Size: 100 ml

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